About TIOprime

Discover TIOprime - a secure portal, allowing viewers to browse the performance of the rewards pool, as well as the performance of its primary contributor, TIOmarkets.

TIOprime Benefits

The members of TIOprime.com can browse in-depth statistics as well as graphs and other widgets highlighting the performance of both TIOprime Pool and TIOmarkets. This helps investors to assess the ongoing successes for both the company and most importantly for their own investment.

To join TIOprime Pool lending facility, you will need to create an account at www.TIOmarkets.com, purchase TIOX, and lock at least 2,500 TIOx tokens in TIOprime Pool.

View our performance dashboards

  • Number of TIOprime participants
  • Estimated return of investments
  • Number of trades executed
  • The number of registered users
  • Percentages of tokens locked in each tier
  • Daily interest payout chart
  • Percentages of TIOmarkets’ funds
  • Number of total affiliate partnerships

Most importantly, viewers will also be able to view the Notional Volume of TIOmarkets, which determines our investors’ payouts.