Trade Token X

Trade Token X (TIOX) is a crypto token issued on the Ethereum platform (ERC-20) and the key to access TIOprime.
You can purchase TIOx on Idex or Mercatox Exchange
You can lock your TIOx in the TIOprime Pool, or store in an ERC-20 compatible wallet.


The below countries are excluded from joining TIOprime Pool:

Central African Republic Croatia
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ivory Coast
North Korea
Palestinian Authority
Puerto Rico
Republic of the Congo
South Sudan
State of Palestine
United States
U.S. Virgin Islands

"This list is intended for information purposes only and is not exhaustive, TIOprime follows all OFAC sanctions and reserves the right to amend or adopt this list at any time with or without notice."
Register with www.TIOprime.com, verify your email and your account will get activated in seconds.
Our support team is available 24/5 via live chat on our website or we can be emailed at [email protected]. You can also join our Telegram channel to ask us questions or to get the latest news.


To maintain regulatory compliance in the jurisdictions we are licensed we require that we receive documentation of identity on withdrawals from all users on our platform.
Documents can be uploaded by clicking the Profile link on the top header menu. Once on the profile screen you will see the document upload area under your profile info.
Accepted KYC documents
1. Government issued picture ID (Passport, Citizen Card, etc)
2. A selfie holding the government issued ID.
3. Form A
4. Proof of Residence

The following forms of proof of residence are accepted:
-Bank statement
-Credit card statement
-Tax assessment
-Phone, television or internet bill
-Energy provider bill
-Mortgage statement
-Certificate of voter registration
-Correspondence between you and a government authority

The document must include the following information:
-First name
-Current Address
-Date (must not be older than 3 months)


Login in to your secure client portal and click on the withdraw button
There is no minimum withdrawal amount for cryptos
Withdrawals are free of charge
Click on the TIOprime Pool tab in the client portal and you will be given the option to transfer TIOx from your TIOx account into your TIOprime Pool account.
If the TIOprime is not visible in your client portal, email [email protected] and we will enable it for you.

TIOprime Pool

TIOprime is the first-ever investment portal allowing clients to benefit from the success of an FX brokerage - TIOmarkets. Investors of the TIOx (Trade Token X) can receive daily payouts according to the success of TIOmarkets that day. With no commitment or obligation to stay in the pool, investors may also withdraw their earnings at any time, and for free. No other forex brokerage has dared to venture into a project of this scale. With more than half a million dollars distributed to-date, we believe this is just the beginning. Invest in a forex brokerage and we'll invest right back into you.
To join TIOprime Pool, you will need to create an account at www.TIOmarkets.com, purchase TIOX, and lock at least 2,500 TIOx tokens in TIOprime Pool. To monitor the performance of both TIOmarkets and TIOprime Pool register an account in www.TIOprime.com
To join TIOprime Pool:

- All TIOprime Pool participants must have their accounts verified in order to access the TIOprime Pool. For this to happen, clients are required to upload a recent proof of address and ID in the secure client portal.
- Clients are also required to read and agree to the terms of service.
- After accepting the terms of service, then clients can choose to lock their TIOx into TIOprime Pool.
TIOx tokens need to be entered into TIOprime Pool in order to receive daily interest. The tokens can be taken out of TIOprime Pool once per day, with no commitment to stay longer.
Total and overall company payouts can be viewed via the TIOprime dashboard on www.TIOprime.com. Individual & personal payouts can be managed in the secure client area on TIOmarkets.com.
Payouts to TIOprime investors are based on the daily notional volume generated by TIOmarkets. For the first $500 million in volume, users receive $2 per million and $1 for every additional million above that.
- Each day’s cut off time for a TIOprime Pool participant to lock their TIOx into TIOprime will be no later than midnight GMT (24:00:00). All users who enter TIOprime Pool before midnight GMT will be eligible to receive the following day’s interest distribution.
- If a participant opts in at midnight (24:00:00), that participant will be included in the following day’s distribution since they didn’t enter before the GMT 23:59:59 cut off time.
The price and value of TIOx has no bearing on each participant’s interest distribution.
Participants enter TIOprime Pool at their own risk, regardless of any changes in the value of TIOx.
Should the participant wish to exit TIOprime Pool, they may withdraw their loaned TIOx back into their MT5 wallet.
Interest distributions are paid on a daily basis.
Users can opt-in and out of TIOprime Pool at any time. The request will be processed once, daily.
BTC, ETH and fiat.
The return on investment is an estimated value based on how many TIOx total are locked into the pool and assumes a user has locked the minimum number of TIOx per tier. Estimated returns are based on the 30 day trailing average Daily Notional Value (DNV) and the average price of the TIOx on the TIOmarkets.com platform. It is for information purposes only and should not be considered investment advice under any circumstance.