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TIOprime is an investment tool

TIOprime allows participants to use their Trade Token X (TIOx) to invest in the success of TIOmarkets

Structured Tiers

Six tiered categories for your investment. The higher your tier, the larger your potential returns.


More than $500,000 has been returned to investors to date. (Includes Liquidity pool distributions).

Daily payments

Earn daily interest from your investment. All payments are in the form of BTC, ETH, and fiat.


Fully transparent on the daily interest distribution. Payments are based on the daily Notional Volume of TIOmarkets.

Full Control

You can increase and decrease your investment on TIOprime, or even exit the platform on any given day.


Gain valuable information about your broker like total registered users, volumes and more.

How It Works

Join TIOprime in 4 simple steps and receive daily interest

Create an Account

To start please register a new account with TIOmarkets and complete all the necessary steps to verify your account.

  • Sign up for an account
  • Verify your email
  • Upload a recent ID and proof of address
Join Now

*Trading is risky

Purchase TIOx

To be able to join TIOprime Pool and receive daily interest you will need to lock a minimum of 2,500 Trade Tokens X (TIOx). Soon, investors will be able to buy TIOx tokens directly from the www.TIOprime.com platform. However until then, Trade Tokens X (TIOx) can be purchased on Mercatox or Idex exchange:

Mercatox IDEX

Lock your TIOx

To join TIOprime Pool, TIOx holders should:

Deposit at least 2,500 TIOx into your TIOmarkets secure portal by clicking on the Deposit tab after login. Then lock your TIOx into TIOprime Pool by clicking on LOCK.

Earn Daily Interest

Based on the number of tokens and the volume TIOmarkets generate each day, you’ll receive a daily payout and your share of the company’s profit. So far, TIOprime Pool has returned $500,000 and counting to investors. (Includes Liquidity Pool contributions)

Tiers and Payouts

The pool consists of 6 tiers depending on how many TIOx you would like to contribute.

In order to participate in TIOprime, clients must lock a minimum of 2,500 Trade Tokens X (TIOx).

Purchase more TIOx to increase to the next tier and to earn more. The higher the tier, the more you will earn.

Clients can loan as many as 150,000 TIOx in order to receive the maximum daily payout.


What is TIOprime?

TIOprime is a lending facility. Participants can use their Trade Token X (TIOx) as an access key to enter TIO Prime.

How can I join TIOprime?

To join TIOprime lending facility, you will need to create an account at www.TIOmarkets.com, purchase TIOX, and lock at least 2,500 TIOx tokens in TIOprime lending facility platform. To monitor the performance of both TIOmarkets and TIOprime register an account in www.TIOprime.com

What is TIOx?

Trade Token X (TIOX) is a crypto token issued on the Ethereum platform (ERC-20) and the key to access TIOprime.

Where can I purchase TIOx?

You can purchase TIOx on Idex or Mercatox Exchange