TIOprime Pool

The TIOprime Pool offers a daily payout to all participants who have placed at least 2,500 TIOx in the pool. We have distributed over 500,000 USD to our investors since the pool commenced operations in 2018. We pride ourselves on our commitment to invest back into the holders of our TIOx token.

Login to view TIOprime Pool Stats

Access secure data relating to the pool payouts

By logging into our TIOprime pool portal, you can gain access to secure statistics on the reliable performance of the TIOprime Pool to-date. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at the data for yourself.

  • Total payouts
  • Total tokens locked
  • Notional volumes

How can I enter the pool?


Sign Up

New clients should complete the sign up forms and verify their account by uploading proof of ID & address.



TIOx is available to purchase via participating exchanges including uniswap.org, mercatox and idex. When done, click to deposit your crypto into TIOprime.



At this stage, all you need to do is to click on the TIOprime POOL button in your secure portal and choose how many TIOx you would like to place in the pool. There is a minimum requirement of 2,500 TIOx to join. The more you invest, the higher the payout.


Receive Daily Payout

You can lock your TIOx in an instant and start receiving your payout daily. You can withdraw or leave at any time, at no cost.

Invest in a forex broker

Structured Tiers

Place what you can afford into the pool, & enter the corresponding tier.


As the notional volume traded at TIOmarkets grows, so will your payouts.

Daily payments

Regular and reliable payouts to your wallet. We've never missed a payout, yet.


View all stats in real-time, relating to Pool payouts and TIOmarkets performance, via our secure portal.

Full Control

Enter of Exit the pool at any point, with no commitment to stay. Pool earnings are fully withdrawable.


Bar charts, line graphs and other analytics tools showing real-time data, helping you to assess your investment.